-Spark Overview-

Every student will feel a sense of belonging to the UBC Sauder community.
— Spark Mission Statement

what is spark?

At the end of your first week of classes, from September 6-7, you’ll join 500 new students for UBC Sauder's specific orientation. You'll take part in a variety of activities, en masse and in smaller group sessions, to help you build connections with fellow classmates, senior Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) students, and alumni. Whether you're sprinting across campus in a scavenger hunt, painting your latest masterpiece, getting the inside scoop from alumni, or taking part in another of the many planned activities, you'll have fun and spark new friendships and connections that will serve you throughout your time at UBC Sauder and beyond.

The Spark exemplifies Sauder. We are inspired by the brilliance and energy brought forth by the students, faculty, and staff. Each member of the Sauder Community is The Spark. A spark is the ignition of something powerful, it will be just the beginning of a journey that will be definitive for our students. The Spark represents our commitment to “opening doors” to brighter futures.


How does it work?

You will be placed into a team of similar course schedules, which allows you to meet with other students attending similar classes and will be very helpful for study groups later on (hint hint). Your team will be led by three senior UBC Sauder students in order to receive helpful advice on both the academic and social life within UBC Sauder. 

Throughout the weekend you will partake in many social activities alongside your teammates. Some of the activities that happen during the weekend are: games that encourage teamwork and communication, key-note speakers to energize and inspire you about your time at university, and an evening event where you can let loose and dance with your new friends. 

UBC's motto is Tuum Est which translates to It’s Yours. We invite you to take full ownership of your university experience and approach learning with passion and enthusiasm.